Thailand Day 5


We’ve been to the Damnoen Saduak floating market in the Damnoen Saduak District in the Ratchaburi Province about 105 kms from Bangkok. So it was about an hour from Bangkok. We had to wake up early that day to be on the road.  There a lot of tourists in there so it is not really authentic. As I said it before boat are not my thing. I don’t like being on the boat and those ones do not seem like the safest ones. I was anxious about the floating market for that reason. Once i was on it it was shaking a lot. I didn’t enjoy it as much as my family or other people did and i kind of regret it.

Kanchanaburi.jpgWe we were on the road again to go to Kanchanaburi. We saw the bridge over river kwai. imagesI thought that the water would be blue and clear but not at all. It was green and a little bit brown so I was really disappointed on that point but it was beautiful anyway.
We walked on the bridge, it was a great experience and it was totally ok for me to do it because I’m not afraid of height but my mother do and it was funny looking at her while she was crossing the bridge.

kanchanaburiAfter that we went to the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. I think it is really important to remember what happened there. I study in a French school and i think we should that at least a little bit of the war in asia. I personally know a lot of think about the 2nd World War in Europe because I love history and that’s a period of think I want to know more about. It is kind of a sad place but I really wanted to go there. We didn’t go to the museum because of time but I hope to go back to Thailand and maybe I’ll see it then. dbImage.ashx


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  1. andy1076 dit :

    hooooooly…gridlock vendors lol wow

  2. kutukamus dit :

    [The pic on the left] Bloody..!! And everybody gets through, I imagine. 🙂

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