Thailand Day 6

We woke up that day near the river kwai in the River Kwai Jungle View.  It is a hotel on the river. So when you sleep you can feel the room moving like you were on a boat ( but with a feeling of safety ). It was an nice experience even if there were a lot of mosquitos and lizards. Some people were afraid of them but it was ok for me.


We went back to the river kwai to get on the train. The train is really old and really dirty. It actually smelt like pee which was not pleasant obviously. I was near a window so I saw all the landscapes which were absolutly beautiful. My mother was scared in that too because at a moment we got the impression there was nothing under the train.


We went on an elephant ride on the afternoon. It was awesome ! I was with my sister on the elephant and there was a baby elephant next to us ! It was so cute ! It was a litlle bit scary for me at first but then I got used to it and it was ok.  It is such a great experience to be able to touch and feed the elephants at the end.  If i remember well for 600 baht you can wash the elephants and spend time with them in the river. and you can feed the elephants bananas for 100 baht a basket. It is a little expensive but it definitely worth it.


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  1. Carole dit :

    Ah, ces photos !

  2. Frédéric dit :

    Sublime tes photos, merci du partage 🙂

  3. Tres cool ! Nous sommes aussi allés en Thailande avec mon copain en mai in a adooooré ! Viens donc faire un tour sur notre blog, on a aussi fait une escale à Dubai ❤️
    Have fun avec tes voyages x

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